Posted on Sep 8, 2012 at 5PM

Hello to my Anon and the Tumblr world. I wrote a lot. Sorry. I’m that bored while failing to study. 

Below are more detailed stories of some celebs that I met but either, didn’t get a picture, lost the picture, or refuse to post up the picture. HA! No, really…I refuse -___- 

David Arquette - REALLY randomly spotted him at a concert. I tapped him on the shoulder and looked at him through squinted eyes and a smile on my face. I go, “You look like…David Arquette.” And he just smiles, and nods and says, “Heh…yeahh.” He asked me my name, we took pics, then he was gone. You know his dad was Muslim?? So cool :) Oh and unfortunately I lost the pic in the “Computer Crash of 2012” aka my computer crashed a month ago…nothing was backed up…I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City - season 4). ugh. ultra depressed just thinking about everything I lost).

Cuba Gooding Jr. - Came to my work. Also lost this pic in the crash. Don’t really care though, I looked so bad that day because I was sick :P

Justice - I met this amazing French electronic duo after their DC concert. They invited my friend and I to their after party, which we didn’t attend because duhh, austughfirullah lol 

David Blaine - My friends and I were walking RIGHT behind him in New York talking ULTRA loud for like 4 blocks on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We walked a little ahead of him and we realized it was him. We all stopped and he did a few magic tricks with my friends and I…ultra cool/creepy guy. The video of him doing the magic tricks is somewhere on YouTube if you want to scour the internet for it. I’m wearing a bright purple scarf in it :D

Amir Blumenfeld and Sarah Schneider (from CollegeHumor) - For those that know them, they’re aweeesome! We randomly spotted them on another New York trip while walking back to our hotel one night and my friend goes, “OMG! It’s JAKE AND AMIR!” They stopped, took pics and listened to us praise their humor and talent. LOL They deserve it :) 

Mario Lopez - We kinda sorta “met” him. We spotted him on Broadway on yet another trip to New York, we called out his name and he smiled at us, looked down and walks away into the crowd of NYers. ehh :shrugs shoulders:

Judge Lynn Toler (from Divorce Court) - Idk if this show airs around the country, but it’s a Judge Judy type show. She’s sooo nice! She came to my department at work and sat down with me while I was an intern and we talked for almost an hour about life/schools/careers, etc. She’s really inspiring mA.

Kina Grannis - She came to my work. A lot of people don’t know her, but they should! She’s an amazing singer/songwriter/guitarist. I first discovered her through KevJumba on YouTube and really loved her music. Her style can be compared to Colbie Caillat or Jason Mraz. Check her out.

Spike Lee - Met him a work. Real cool guy. Look back through my previous posts for more on that experience.

Chubby Checker - Met him at work. He’s the creator of ‘The Twist.’ He was so cute and old. I love old people :) …is it mean to say that? I really do though :/ 

Levar Burton (from Reading Rainbow) - Met him at work. Nothing cool happened. He was nice though. Totally my childhood right there though. Who DIDN’T watch The Reading Rainbow in the 90s??

Michael Ealy - Met him at work while he was promoting ‘Think Like a Man’ Okay, so EVERY GIRL in the building was in the studio trying to meet him and his “people” wouldn’t let anyone take a picture with him. Bummer. He needed to go to the bathroom and asked me where it was. I directed him there, he said thanks and did his biz-nasss. Aaaand…that’s it. Great story or what?  

The only people I REALLY want to meet are: Adele (because I think she and I could be best friends) and Garrett Hedlund (because…it’s Garret Hedlund). 

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